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Your Business’ Most Marketable Asset is You

Discussing the Importance of Personalized Content in Digital Advertising

It can be hard to stand out in today’s oversaturated digital markets; when trying to market your business online, it can feel impossible to make any notable impact without spending a fortune.

While success online is obviously obtainable to anyone, it can feel like an uphill battle if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like most professions, many of your initial attempts at an online marketing campaign will end in failure until you gain valuable experience.

In my experience, businesses can often go down three routes when dabbling in digital advertising for the first time.

Some businesses will be immediately turned away by a lack of results, foregoing a social media presence entirely. Essentially the same as giving up, I can’t say I recommend this response.

Other businesses will blame their own content for a lack of results, vehemently copying, and buying, every trend and trick in the book until they manufacture a non-authentic following. Don’t get me wrong - even if it is manufactured, a strong online presence is undeniably valuable. That being said, there’s still a better approach.

Which leads us to our third set of businesses. Unphased by a lack of initial results, these businesses will continue to post whatever kind of content they want, ultimately resulting in an authentic and healthy following.

It may sound simple, but when you post about what you like and what interests you, like-minded people are going to be drawn to your content. Although it may not feel like it sometimes, genuinity shines through on the Internet. I’m personally much more drawn to businesses who make original content; as a result of spending most of my life on social media, I appreciate a company who makes an effort to stand out and be themselves.

While marketing agencies can create personalized content on your behalf, all great marketing should begin and end with the client.

Let’s take Briddick Webb for example, a local realtor and customer with ShineBright.

To those who are unfamiliar, real estate is one of the most competitive and oversaturated digital markets in the country. Not only does Briddick, a managing broker at RE/MAX, have to compete with other agents in the area on listings - he’s often competing with rival teams within his own brokerage for valuable leads and clients too. Because of this, our biggest priority with Briddick has always been standing out.

And how do we accomplish this? By making the content about him.

You see, Briddick’s followers really don’t want to see another ‘Market Update’ video - in all honesty, I doubt too many people outside of the industry even care. However, because Briddick has always posted original content that he’s cared about, he’s amassed a following that cares about him and his interests. That’s why Briddick can make posts like this Sounders Matchday Preview - because it aligns with his personal brand and identity.

In truth, social media is just inherently more fun when posting whatever you want. While at times it might feel like you have to follow market trends when advertising your business, creating original and personalized content will eventually yield a stronger following in the end.

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