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How to Upload Custom Artwork to your TikToks

A Creative Workaround to TikTok’s ‘Sticker’ Feature

When it comes to creative customization options for your videos, TikTok is unmatched in the digital marketing field. Whether it’s an extensive selection of music samples, exciting slow-motion effects, or a large range of artistic filters - TikTok gives its users a plethora of editing options.

Perhaps the most popular of these features are TikTok’s ‘Stickers’, a selection of artwork and GIF’s you can post throughout your videos. While they’re undoubtedly a fun way to decorate your TikToks, users only have access to the ‘Stickers’ made available by the app and GIPHY. Unfortunately, if you ever want to post your own artwork to TikTok, a workaround is required.

Here’s how to upload your own artwork to TikTok as a ‘Sticker’:

1. Create and Prepare your Graphic

If you want to upload a custom graphic for one of your TikToks, make sure you save your graphic at a high-resolution. When uploaded as a ‘Sticker,’ graphics can look a bit blurry from time to time. If your graphic is on your computer, make sure to download it to your phone as a photo, as that’s where you’ll be uploading and editing your TikToks.

2. Select or Film your TikTok, Enter Editing Mode and Select ‘Stickers’

Once your TikTok has been recorded and selected, it’s time to add your ‘Sticker.’ Once in Editing Mode, select ‘Stickers’ at the bottom of your screen - the last option before the red ‘Next’ button.

3. Choose the ‘Add Photo’ Option and Select your Graphic

Once the ‘Stickers’ button is selected, a screen of various options becomes available to the user. To select your own custom graphic, select ‘add photo’ and choose your desired graphic.

4. Place, Size and Edit your ‘Sticker’

Once your desired graphic is selected, it will appear alongside your video. Placing and resizing your ‘Sticker’ is as easy as a swipe of your fingers, and you can even select the duration of your ‘Sticker’ by tapping it and following subsequent instructions.

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