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3 Reasons to Start Marketing on TikTok Today

“TikTok,” do you hear it? It’s right there, all in the name— Time is running out. You’re getting older, and the kids just keep on getting younger and younger. I remember waking up yesterday and realizing that kids born in the year 2000 are now twenty one years old. That’s a scary thought. Well, we’re not here to get existential folks, we’re here to talk about marketing.

Specifically, I want to talk about why you need to be promoting your brand on TikTok.

In the past three years, TikTok has risen to prominence as the number one social media platform for young people. What started out as a platform for lip-syncing, dancing, and short-form comedy clips has now become a full blown source of news, information, and cultural critique— But perhaps, most importantly for you and your brand, TikTok is quickly becoming one of the best ways to promote your company to a whole new generation of consumers. Here are three reasons you should seriously consider marketing on TikTok right now:

1. TikTok has a massive audience

As I mentioned in the intro, while you might not be aware of it yet, TikTok has risen to prominence as the number one social media app for Gen-Z, and other generations are starting to get in on the action as well. The numbers of potential customers on TikTok is absolutely massive, and growing each and every day. TikTok has over two billion downloads, and about a billion monthly users. With numbers like that, refusing to market on TikTok is simply taking money out of your pockets and putting it into the hands of your competition.

2. TikTok’s algorithm makes going viral easier than ever.

Let’s face it, almost everybody wants to be an internet celebrity these days. Those fifteen minutes of internet fame could be the singular push your business needs to take your sales to the next level. One thing I absolutely love about using TikTok for digital marketing is that going viral on TikTok is far easier than on any of the other mainstream social-media platforms. Why is this? Well, whatever advanced technology is fueling TikTok’s algorithm happens to be incredibly effective at connecting the platform’s users with new content. TikTokers are constantly being shown new content on their homepage, and if you can create an effective and catchy ad for your company, it might just become the next big thing.

3. Video marketing is crucial.

I mentioned this in my article on Facebook marketing, and I’ll mention here once again. If you want to successfully market your business online, you need to start using video. I highly suggest advertising with video on Instagram and Facebook as well, but TikTok is inherently a video driven platform. Video is TikTok’s bread and butter. One survey even found that 86% of people want to see more video marketing from brands. With TikTok, the opportunities to create video-driven marketing content are limited only by your imagination. Think viral dances, hashtag challenges, product demos, ironic and surreal brand promotions, customer testimonials— The sky is the limit in terms of using TikTok to create innovative video advertising for your company.

Bottom Line

Since TikTok is a relatively new social-media platform, many companies may be understandably a bit scared to bring it into their marketing strategy. That being said, I believe this could turn out to be a huge mistake for you and your business. The data shows that TikTok’s growth is not going to stop any time soon. With that in mind, here’s a summary of the three reasons I believe you should consider marketing on TikTok:

1. TikTok has a massive audience

2. TikTok’s algorithm makes going viral easier than ever

3. Video marketing is crucial

Want to learn more about growing your business with TikTok? Contact us today.

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